Welcome to my new Blog. I hope that I can provide some valuable input to assist my fellow investigators in locating evidence from items like cell phones, portable storage media, digital devices like cameras, GPS units, mass storage items, and computers. I am very involved in research and development for the Chipoff training courses right now but once this is all done and in place, I will be posting white papers, information about my research, information about others who have contributed to this field and respond to as many requests as I can work into my schedule.

My main focus will be on Mobile Forensics. I have a passion for this type of work and a drive like no other when it comes to getting information from cell phones. Like most people who I have met and/or communicated with in this field, we like to share ideas, findings and methods, and I am a firm believer of this. If I know how to process and/or access certain information from a mobile device, it is not a secret, it belongs to the community and I am the first to share this with everyone.

Why do I feel this way, because I am where I am now because of people who were willing to share with me their work and research in this field. Call it a form of “payback”.

Please stay tuned to this blog over time and when I get some spare time, I will post information on my findings and share with you other people’s findings (with their permission and credit given) when I can.

If you looking for training, I do train through Teel Technolgies Inc. If you are Law Enforcement and are looking for assistance and I can help, contact me via the Victoria Police Department.

Thanks for being a part of one of the best communities I know, Computer and Mobile Forensics.

Talk Soon,

Bob – aka Copgeek018