I have created a Google Group/Listserv for those of us that are involved in the acquisition and decoding of both physical and RAW data dumps from mobile phone devices. This would include user data dumps from flasher boxes, service software, forensic tools and chip off programmers.

This is a new area of user data acquisitions and is still being researched and developed. As a group, we can collaborate our R&D and work together to decode the physical and RAW data dumps we get from these sources.

We are looking for forensic examiners who are actively doing data dumps from mobile devices using tools like flasher boxes and chip off type programmers and who are manually decoding this results from these dumps.

This will be a participation type group where sharing of findings and techniques is required to remain a member of the group. I am a firm believer of sharing ideas, findings and theories so that we all can benefit from the groups contributions. If this is of interest to you, join up at: